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Thread: Blackwater in Greece

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    Blackwater in Greece

    Yesterday my ex- told me that apparently the mercenary army Blackwater has been employed by the Greek government for protection and as a private police, today I did some research and didn't find a reliable source, this one seemed quite serious :

    Rumours that the Greek government had signed a contract with the notorious mercenary outfit first started circulating online in November. Several websites claimed that the Greek government had signed a contract with Blackwater (now renamed Academi“), to provide security services which would patrol urban areas with armoured vehicles and heavy weaponry, backed up with motorcycle support, commencing operations from early 2013. These rumours were based on a US investment report which encouraged people to buy shares in private military outfits suggesting that domestic governments would start engaging their services citing Greece as an example.
    Three days ago, these rumours were confirmed by Leonidas Chysanthopoulis, a Greek career diplomat who has worked closely with the EU. Previously the Greek Ambassador to Armenia, Poland and Canada. until earlier this year he served as Secretary General of the Secretary General of the Black Sea Economic Corporation Organization (BSEC). In an interview with a Canadian journalist he stated..
    The Greek government recently made an agreement with the successor company of Blackwater to hire mercenaries for the protection of Parliament.
    So it would certainly seem that a contract has indeed been signed between the Greek government and Blackwater. Although Chysanthopoulis made no mention of urban patrols, separate to the online rumours, there are also rumours circulating on the streets that the government is setting up new armed units, which will patrol and monitor part of the city which have high immigrant populations. It would certainly seem like the reports are based on fact, and that very soon, Greece will have hired mercenaries with a record of involvement in war crimes, human rights abuses and extra-judicial murders patrolling its streets. To my knowledge, this is the first time that a mercenary army has been used to police a civilian population outwith a warzone.
    Yet none of this is being reported anywhere in the Greek media, other than obscure websites and blogs. Perhaps the answer to why that is can also be provided by Mr Chysanthopoulis.
    Guidelines have been issued to the mass media of what can be said and tolerated and what cannot be tolerated.
    Journalists in Greece are facing massive levels of harassment. There is no free press in Greece: journalists are beaten, fired and arrested should they deviate from what it is acceptable to talk about, and what it is acceptable to say. Yet unanswered questions of a mercenary outfit providing domestic security support to a sovereign government abound.
    If the police are unable to keep law and order what is being done to address that?
    If indeed the police are unable to provide domestic security, why is the government not turning to its domestic army rather than bringing in foreign military contractors?
    Why has a cash strapped government which prefers external security support, maintained its military expenditure throughout the crisis – despite cuts to all other areas?
    Given that Blackwater is not cheap, how much – exactly – is all this costing?
    What is the European Union position on a member state engaging a foreign military contractor for domestic security?
    All these are questions that urgently require answers, yet only small snippets of the true state of affairs in Greece ever make it to the most obscure blogs, far less the front pages of national newspapers where it belongs.
    Armed fascists inside the parliament; hired mercenaries outside.
    Ain’t democracy great.

    If that's true, it's quite deranging... does anyone here have more info about this matter ?
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    I hope it's not true. I really do.

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    no surprise all these shits,i have read about it since last summer but rumors were about Blackwater patrols in Egnatia highway which crosses north Greece from east to west border but it was silly case,mercenaries patrolling a highway?why? makes no sense.what Chysanthopoulis says is close to reality.
    all other infos (mass media silence about it,one sided journalism etc)are for the police brutality,the connection with the neo-nazi party and torments in police departments, The Guardian UK made some great reports about it



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