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Thread: Cheap places to stay in NYC

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    Cheap places to stay in NYC

    Looking for a cheap place to stay in New York around June. Does anyone have any reccomendations? Perhaps a kind host willing to let two friendly strangers crash on their floor?

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    pretty sure the youth hostels there are not much more than $20-25 a night if you need cheap and don't find anything. Im usually broke as shit when i camp out in NYC. If you're adventurous you can try a sleepover in penn station but the cops are used to the homeless sleeping there so you will probably get kicked out if you're there too long. Subways won't throw you off, and almost dead on certain lines during the early morning hours from 2am until 6 or 7am and usually where i find myself falling asleep when i can't afford a place to stay. You won't get bothered, and if you travel light or with nothing it works all right.

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