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Thread: Spanner (Bristol, militant punk/ska) Canadian Tour plus Album Download

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    Spanner (Bristol, militant punk/ska) Canadian Tour plus Album Download

    Ok, here is the short: Spanner is coming to Ontario/Quebec, there is a free download/donation to help with costs plus get the music out.

    Link: (to get the music)

    Link: (to stay up to date on the tour/band)

    I help run Rebel Time Records...along with some other fine folks, I'm fairly new to the board so I thought I would mention it.

    and now for the long version:

    Rebel Time Records is absolutely stoked to be bringing our babbers, Bristol, England’s finest militant ska punks, SPANNER to Canada.

    They’ll be bringing their ska’d-up punk to stages, floors and fests across Quebec and Ontario between April 19th and May 5th 2013. We’re especially excited to be featuring them both nights of Rebel Fest 3!

    Their latest album, “Crisis” is, in the words of one reviewer, “ in-yer-face political punky ska, more spikey than skanky but still eminently danceable,” and we were well chuffed to be one of the labels that helped release it.

    Now, one of the slogans that Spanner rallies around is “Music For Social Change, Not Profit.” And, we are down with that!

    However, touring ain’t cheap. So, we’re looking for a little punk rock philanthropy. We’re looking for a little money. In fact, we’re looking for YOUR money. However, we’re also looking to give you something in return.

    Here’s how it works: head on over to the REBEL TIME RECORDS BANDCAMP and download the 13-track ”Crisis” album for a donation.

    That’s all there is to it. For as many dollars as you feel comfortable dishing out, you get one heck of a great album. And, you’ll also get that deep sense of self-satisfaction that comes from giving. It’s a win-win situation.

    So, please, head on over to the REBEL TIME RECORDS BANDCAMP today. Please, help keep the smile on these folk’s faces:

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    Lucky canadians, I know some members of Spanner, they're really good people. And the music's great too, don't miss 'em if they play somewhere near you !
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