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  1. The new draft????
  2. Someone buy this lady a drink!
  3. Federal Judge Overturns Gay Marriage Ban in California
  4. Of Course I will Decorate Your Sons Cake. What's The Name Again?
  5. Bradley Dean promotes murder of homosexuals
  6. Stuttgart germany - protests against "Stuttgart 21"
  7. Appalachia Rising
  8. Help stop racism in Sweden - unite against the Sweden Democrats
  9. steven colbert
  10. Minneapolis activist homes raided.... (FUCKED UP!)
  11. Mink Farms
  12. Entire Hungarian Town Engulfed By Toxic Waste....
  13. Interesting Article from Time magazine about Militias.
  14. Attack in Serbia ...
  15. Support the Stuttgart Struggle!
  16. cops raiding squatted station NOW LIVE VIA WEBSTREAM
  17. Briana Waters released!
  18. RNC 8 Hearing and news!
  19. Cointelpro Gothic: Docs prove Iowa FBI's Wild Rose Rebellion a pretend RNC "Terrorism
  20. 10/22 National Day of Action Against Police Brutality
  21. Rand Paul supporters gang up MoveOn.org protester, pin her down, and step on her head
  22. THE BLACK BOA: Disaster in the Marañón River, Peruvian Amazon
  23. SHUT DOWN THE SCHOOL OF THE AMERICAS! Fort Benning, Georgia-
  24. Norway investigates reports of U.S. spying - any ideas?
  25. Student Protest in Ireland
  26. Calgary ARA Activist Home Invaded: Two Sent to Hospital
  27. "Love and fearlessness" documentary about homelessness
  28. Neighborhood Watch
  29. I guess its time to see who's who
  30. Assange accuser may have ceased co-operating
  31. December 15th,General Strike in Greece,clashes in Athens
  32. UKUncut - UK Day Of Action against tax-dodgers and corporate cheats 18.12.10
  33. [BRISTOL UK] Culture Clash On The Frontline 20.12.10
  34. This is brilliant!
  35. Interesting positive militancy video
  36. 10 th Anniversary march against Zuera Macro Prison (Zaragoza, Spanish State)
  37. Al Jazeera
  38. Whole Foods Market In Bed With Monsanto
  39. Egypt
  40. Mubarak has stepped down!
  41. South Dakota Moves To Legalize Killing Abortion Providers...
  42. Hundreds dead in Libya
  43. 'Powerful' white supremacist leader shot dead in his home
  44. Tsunami hits north-eastern Japan after massive quake
  45. The revolution starts London/UK 26th march 2011
  46. Ww1, ww2, ww3...
  47. April 16th-17th protests against the WTO and IMF in DC.
  48. Black Bloc get national UK press coverage
  49. come protest pro-life shitheads in montreal.
  50. World Day for Lab Animals - today Manchester
  51. Public domain protest song...way outta the loop.
  52. Food Not Bombs
  53. osama bin laden dead?
  54. Really Really Free Market anyone?
  55. "Kill the Gays" bill could be passed in Uganda leading to executions etc..
  56. Transgender woman assaulted- indictments returned
  57. The Onion does Gilman St.
  58. Russian LGBT pride marchers attacked by right wing Neo Nazis
  59. ThrashHead online zine
  60. In case of emergency....push here
  61. Profane Existence #62 FREE DOWNLOAD
  62. Greeks versus the world in Athens
  63. Preparedness or Paranoia
  64. An Article About Anarachists From The Tacoma News Tribune
  65. Tears of Gaza
  66. Lithuanian Mayor Uses Tank To Crush Car In Bike Lane
  67. 8 reasons young Americans don't fight back
  68. Looking for those with the same interests to start discussions & projects with.
  69. riots in england?
  70. Remember remember the fifth of November, the day Facebook will Die!!!
  71. West Memphis 3: Two, Including Echols, Will Be Released Friday
  72. Squatting Minneapolis
  73. Riots in my city
  74. NEWS articles etc
  75. OccupyWallStreet
  76. BANK TRANSFER DAY - Nov 5 2011
  77. Arabian autumn
  78. alabama giving arizona a reach around, & then some
  79. copyright punx salesmen
  80. OWS Solutions
  81. Euro Bailout
  82. If you live in the US and care about the internet and free speech this is a big deal
  83. P.S. Pass it on!!! 12/12/11
  84. Help needed for LGBTQ rights in Russia (petition to be signed)
  85. U.S Considered A Battlefield
  86. N30 UK General Strike
  87. "It's time" - LGBTQ rights in Australia
  88. Bradford 1 in 12 club facing closure
  89. Mumia
  90. New Colours of Resistance Archive
  91. Holiday in Indonesia?
  92. Bands: Can I get a tally please?
  93. Science news thread
  94. Anonymous Exposes German Neo Nazis
  95. Death penalty for asking for fair wages
  96. Grindcore and Newt, sittin' in a tree...
  97. KKK Rally in Duluth, MN
  98. cambodian ex-khmer rouge child soldier aki ra
  99. Kony 2012
  100. H.r. 347
  101. Australia : stop racist law (petition)
  102. Punk rock … alive and kicking in a repressive state near you
  103. Straight. Married. Arrested for supporting gay rights?
  104. montreal mayday clashes with pigs
  105. "Kill lists" for "looking gay" in Iraq?
  106. quebec "maple spring" student strike.
  107. disrupt grand prix montreal anti-capitalist convergence! THIS is gonna be rad.
  108. Nazi attack after a punk show in Geneva (CH), Friday 22/06
  109. Guess who's back?
  110. Worlds first GM babies made!
  111. uk badger cull
  112. Monsatan!!
  113. Jailed Russian Punk-Rockers 'Pussy Riot' Begin Hunger Strike
  114. These are awesome!!!
  115. Interesting Stuff
  116. 3 portland activists indefinitely detained for refusing to speak @ grand jury hearing
  117. G8 2013
  118. May 18th - Veggie Pride in Geneva (CH)
  119. Blackwater in Greece
  120. Does anyone else just not give a fuck anymore?
  121. O&A in the latest MRR
  122. National Security Admin. leaks
  123. Political Podcasts
  124. O & A first line of apparel
  125. Incredibly Detailed Map Shows Race, Segregation Across America In Beautiful Color
  126. March Against Monsanto - Worldwide - October 12th 2013
  127. From the back of the room
  128. Hiv: Notice of flaw in governance - research and discuss
  129. Writing Political Prisoners
  130. PROFANE EXISTENCE - Back to our roots
  131. animal torture and cruelty
  132. City of Oakland institutes Nighttime Protest Ban
  133. Portland punks lose home in fire...please help
  134. ...this Grizzly Bear mom **sad thread content**
  135. Minneapolis. 23/11/15
  136. no Trump thread?
  137. What in the actual fuck?!?
  138. I think I've been in shock (of sorts)